Swift - Electric Chain Hoist

A product marketed by Consolidated Hoists Pvt. Ltd., is an ideal low - cost device for light weight material handling. swifty is particularly useful for handling of work pieces in automobile, forging, heat treatment, foundry and other industries.

Swift - Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Proven design, lightweight and compact size ensuring least possible hook approaches. available in a wide range with options of load capacity ( 0.5 to 20 tons ), lift, speed, hooking pattern, trolleys and safety features to meet specific requirements.

Swift - Electric Wire Rope Flameproof Hoists

Specially engineered for use in highly inflammable areas using cmrs approved flameproof electrical aggregates. A range of modes is available for use in chemical process plants, coal mines and refineries.

Swift - Electric Chain Hoist

1.Bearing plate, 3.Rope drum, 5.Roller bearing for drum, 6.Hoist motor, 9.Guide ring, 10.Retaining ring, 15.Hoist suspension cross arm, 23.Switch rod, 41.Gear cashing, 45.Half Coupling, 55.Drum pinion, 62.Friction dis, 78.Main spring, 79.Magnet body, 82.Geared hub