• From concept to commissioning
  • From 125 kg to 50 Tonne
  • Versatile Experience
  • Performance & safety built-in
  • Hoists & Cranes
  • From concept to commissioning :

    Beginning with a complete understanding of your requirements, our project engineering team design, manufactures, installs and commissions a complete crane system, most appropriate for your purpose.

  • From 125 kg to 50 Tonne :

    To offer you the optimum systems, an appropriate crane is selected from our wide product range with options of speed, span, height, etc. Furthermore, optional advanced features such as variable frequency drive, soft start and radio remote control are also available.

  • Versatile Experience

    Our experience of over 3 decades and hun dred of instalations ensure a precise solution for a variety of applicaton in industries such as aautomobile, steel plants, chemicals,fertilisers, textile, paper, power generation, railways and dockyards.

  • Performance & safety built-in

    Cranes and hoists of the highest standard are completely assembled & tested with full load / over load as per IS standards in our well-equipped plant. This assures you the highest safety and trouble-free operation years together.

    With these credentials and ISO 9001 accredition, today SWIFT Hoists and Cranes are an integral part of the most modern and productive plants in India and abroad.

  • Hoists & Cranes

    Hoists : 0.125 to 20 Tonne
    - Electric chainn
    - Electric wire rope
    - Flame-proof
    Cranes : 0.5 to 50 Tonne
    - Overhead
    - Underslung
    - Jib
    - Gantry